Introduction: Easy and Fun Colections for Cheap

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If you think having a collection is all about spending lots of money ($$$) you are wrong. Some of the best and most fun collections are very cheap.

Step 1: Good Ideas for Collections

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These are some of my collections.

I like to collect old bullet shells, old bottle caps, rocks and coins.

If You go on to the next steps I will give You some ideas of how You can do these collections.

Step 2: Start Collecting

I actually stared collecting bottle caps that people had littered on the ground.

I collect rocks because

  • They are everywhere
  • some of them are very interesting
  • and lastly because they are free

I only every buy rocks once in a while and only if they are cheep.

I collect coins because they can be cheep too, I do it by looking threw my pocket change and just pick out interesting coins that I don't see often.

Step 3:

Thank You for looking at my instructable.


jlepack (author)2016-01-04

I love rocks too! I built a rock polisher to make them shine. Bullet casings are a great idea too.

IsaacPierce (author)jlepack2016-01-07

I have a rock polisher that I like using also.

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-01-04

There was a long time when I collected dirt from every place that I vacationed.

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