Picture of Easy and Funny Text Messaging Prank: Loads of lol

While messing around with my iPhone 5 I found a fun way to hack someone else's phone so that when he or she texts or sends out an email, it'll be a bit frustrating and a lot of fun. What this prank does is use the keyboard shortcut to replace words with some more interesting words or phrases. I'll show you the steps using my phone, but you can easily check the setting on other phones to do the same thing.

This prank is so quick and easy I hope some of you can put this to good use.

The video shows the full steps and how it actually works when your victim is attempting to text.

The perfect victim would be:
1. Someone who has a phone you can easily access without him or her knowing.
2. Someone not very technology savvy.
3. His or her phone can enable typing/ texting shortcuts.

Step 1: Adding Shortcuts

Picture of Adding Shortcuts

Once you snagged your victim's phone, click on "Setting."

singerboy414 months ago

Change absolutely everything to that word's opposite

Change will to wont
Lol I really wanna try this I just need 2 find the right time :)
photoace121 year ago
You can also set it up so when he texts you it sends you an e-mail!
tofugami (author)  photoace121 year ago

Really? That would definitely up the prank. How did you do that?

Figure out their cellphone carrier, for example AT&T:

Go into your contacts and change his number from XXX-XXX-XXXX to XXXXXXXXXX@txt.att.net (may be different for other carriers) then send him a message when he replies it will e-mail you (hopefully)

** this has NOT been tested by me **
tofugami (author)  photoace121 year ago

The number shows up only as number in the contact, you can't replace it with letters or @. I have a iphone 5.


Lol my mom did this to me on April Fools Day and I was extremely frustrated!
tofugami (author)  MinecraftBoss5171 year ago

I bet it was. Thank you for sharing.

chasec121 year ago
If you just hit the little "x" the word will not be replaced by the new phrase
tofugami (author)  chasec121 year ago

Yes, you are correct, but it is still very much a hassle to keep hitting that "x" button especially if you replaced a lot of words. Unless the user actually goes in to delete them, even in emails or notes, those replacement words will always come to haunt. :-)

I did that to my mom but she found out
tofugami (author)  macncheeseguy1 year ago

Did she caught you with her phone or realized it when she began texting?

It is cool
tofugami (author)  mulesaremylife1 year ago

Thank you. I have another fun prank I'm working on so keep an eye out. ;-)