I used to use paper towels in between my pans to avoid them from getting scratched when stacked. Super ghetto! So I decided to make these extremely easy pan protectors which are incredibly fashionable in my pan drawer, especially when you find eggs & bacon fabric!

These protectors are square. I found that the corners protect the sides of the pans quite well and the shape is very easy to make.

Step 1: You Will Need:

- Fabric (at least 2x 10.5" squares)

- Thin batting 10"x10" (you could also use felt)

- Ruler

- Scissors or rotary cutter

- Marking chalk

- Pins

- Sewing machine (or patience to hand sew).

<p>I also use paper towels, but this is so smart! I'll have to make some :D</p>
<p>These are too cute! I have never even heard of pan protectors before but I am overwhelmed with the urge to make like 500 of them now! haha </p>
<p>Thanks everyone! Making this tutorial made me want to make a ton more... early christmas gift planning?</p>
very cute. now I want to switch mine out too. cuz the bacon and eggs fabric is abfab have2have sweety.
<p>Ah - definitely one of those times when the fabric requires the project! That's ADORABLE!! But if you have purpose-built pan protectors, what do you use your pot holders for?? Holding pots?? Then what do you use your tea towels for?? Seriously... these are great. </p>
<p>I did not realize that this was a thing. But upon further reflection, this ought to be a thing. Now it is a thing that even I could do. Thanks for sharing!</p>

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