Easy and Super Delicious Cheesecake





Introduction: Easy and Super Delicious Cheesecake

I have a sweet tooth ?? and I love all kind of cakes , pies , bonbons and so on .That's why I always try to discover new tastes and recipes during my trips. This recipe is my big discovery! from my trip to Wilno ( beautiful city! by the way). I laugh when I think how long I had convince the owner of nice little restaurent in old town to share with me this recipe.

When I came back home I changed it a bit , added few tricks I learnt from others cheesecakes ? lovers from instructables and voila!.

I work and study so I try all my recipes to be fast , healthy and tasteful.

I won't be lying to you this cheesecake has calories even a lot but from time to time it's good to eat something super special and always after you can make some hiit ??



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sure, I think you can add to it maca instead of potato starch or tapioca

bon appetit!

What is curd cheese and where do I find it?

it's soft , blended white cheese , perfect for old fashioned cheesecakes , you can easy buy it in tesco or any other supermarket :-) bon appetit !

Is it anything like cottage cheese? Nobody around here has heard of it.

sorry it took some time but I needed to read more about cheesecakes and ingredients for them in english speaking countries :-) I found out that cream cheese is perfect for it as well, enjoy your cheesecake !

Thanks. Cream cheese is something I know very well.

you're welcome ! I'm very happy I could help and I hope you will like this cheesecake :-)