Ever just wanted to build a bokken? Well here you go. Quick Easy and most of all cheap!
You will need:
A saw
A plainer or knife
A file
Some sand paper
Maybe a drill

Step 1: Wood selection

First you want to find a fallen tree branch or alternatively find a young tree, if you use a young tree you will need to let it season (leave for two weeks or until normal wood colour). Make sure your wood is strong enough, dig your thumb nail into the wood and if it leaves little or no indent the wood is of sufficent strength. However if there is a large indentation it is not strong enough and will snap. Your piece needs to about 40" long for an adult sized bokken, for a childs bokken i would recommend 20". Also check the bend of the wood, make sure it is not to flexible or again it will snap. For my basic Bokken i have chosen this branch, i chose it as it already has a slight curviture so that it is not necessary to bend the wood.
Just done it. Thankyou for the comment.

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