Easy Assemble/disassemble Wooden Work Bench





Introduction: Easy Assemble/disassemble Wooden Work Bench

I had an idea last summer. I needed another work bench since I had a miter saw coming in and nowhere to put it. I also had a problem. My garage is not exactly huge, and I had very little room to put a permanent work bench up against one wall, not to mention I thought my family would be moving soon. I decided to make a rolling work bench. One that could be assembled and disassembled easily, while still being sturdy and providing a good mounting platform for the miter saw. Here is what I came up with.
As soon as I get time (I'm working on a much cooler project right now) I am going to write up a formal instructable for this. For now, I just threw the pictures up there.



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This looks like a great bench for what I need! Whenever you get the specs/instructions up I'd love to see them!