Easy Blow Through Smoke Deodorizer





Introduction: Easy Blow Through Smoke Deodorizer

This instructable should cost well under 2 dollars and will last quite awhile.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:
1- A chap stick tube
2- 1 cotten ball
3- Pliers and knife or a leatherman tool
4- Scented oil (optional)
6- a lighter (to heat the knife and cut the plastic from the bottom)
7- something long and skinny

Step 2: Pull Apart the Tube

You will need to remove the wax stuff and the post from the middle of the tube.

Step 3: Fluffing the Cotton Ball

First, pull the cotton ball apart, to make the air flow through a little easier after you stuff it in there

Step 4: Stuff It

Now take about half of the aforementioned fluff and stuff it in the tube with your long skinny thing

Step 5: Smelly Stuff

If you want to, pour a little bit of a scented oil or cologne into the cotton to give it a little extra kick

Step 6: Cut the Bottom

No picture for this step. Use your knife to cut a little bit of the plastic from the bottom to widen the hole.

Step 7: Conclusion

Thats it, have fun, and dont get caught smoking.

PS, this is my first instructable, so dont go to hard on me.



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    Try that smoke eliminator spray that you can get at a smoke shop. You can either add it to what this person made or just spray it in the air when needed.

    Back in my high school days I made one almost exactly like this only it was PVC pipe and used dryer sheets instead of cotton / scented oil. It worked perfectly!

    Find a gas mask at an Army surplus store. Make sure it has a new filter (the Israeli-made ones are common and work well) or just buy a pack of replacement filters since that's the part you need, not the mask. Sometimes they can be found for about $5 each, but that can vary a lot.
    Blow all exhaled smoke through the filter; nothing but clean, odorless air comes out the other end. Some even have convenient screw-on caps to keep the end you blow through clean when you're not using it. I used to sell dozens of them to college students living in dorms (for a decent markup, of course) and they work for years (until graduation, possibly).

    Even easier than this is an empty toilet paper roll with a dryer sheet stuffed in it

    i also just pack a hit at a time

    nice. i just rubbed deoderant on toilet paper, rolled it up and stuffed it in a tp tube but its easy to choke cause its hard to blow through.

    get a longer tube and in between two layers of cotton stuff it with activated carbon (aquarium filter carbon is fine) for an effective filter.

    Better off though just smoking outdoors.

    It's kid's like you that give me hope for the future :) Keep fighting the system!!!!!!

    What was the lighter used for and why is the scented oil optional, isn't it necessary? How does this work? Is it like potpourri that just sits there or do you need to do something to use it?

    the lighter was to help cut the bottom out. it would work fine for blocking out smoke odors without the oil, the oil just makes it a little nicer