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This was one of my first arduino projects who worked ;)

PS: I'm from Holland so my english is not very good. If there are any questions than i will response them as quick as possible. This project is very fun to give away or to fight against each other!

Step 1: Parts

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For this project you need:

-Arduino UNO

-L293D Motor Shield

-HC-05 / HC-06 Bluetooth module

-Wires (8)

-(mini) Breadboard

-Old Router

- 2 DC - Motors + tires


Step 2: Building the Model

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You can make the Sumbot the way you want it.

I had build it like you see on the pictures.

Step 3: Wiring

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Picture says enough ;)

Bluetooth module:

VCC = 5volt pin on motorshield

GND = gnd

TX = A5 on the motorshield

RX = A4 on the motorshield

When you are ready you could test the Sumobot. When the DC motors run in the opposite way(when you want to go forward but it go backwards), You have to exchange the two wires from the motor.

Step 4: Code

You can write the code yourself or you can ask for it (you have to response with your email and i will send it to you.)

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231197nisha (author)2017-02-11

can u send the code to my email

byç2 (author)2015-11-30

please send me the code below link:

waiting for u my friend

Jelmer8 (author)byç22015-11-30

Can't get the code right now, i don't know if I still have it

byç2 (author)2015-11-30

hey u

Diego EdmundoG (author)2015-11-28

can you send me the code please?

Fission Chips (author)2015-01-02

Sick nasty, man! Your wiring diagram is so jenkity. BTW, if you wanna make even more sick wiring diagrams, check out Fritzing:

Keep up the nasty work, dude!

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