Regardless of your motivations for organizing a book drive, they happen to benefit the community, look impressive to colleges and leave a lasting impression on your school. How many high school students can say they have an actual legacy they've left to their school?

What really counts in life in making positive changes and this one happens to demand no money for you and about five hours of leg work, max.

How is this so easy? Simple. The raffle method.

Step 1: The Raffle Method

Ahh, the raffle. We all love a chance to win something big that we paid around 25 cents for. What you have to do is approach the principal/English Honor Society sponsor with this idea:

1. You want to hold a book drive ( for required reading books/SAT/ AP review books/books in general)

2. You need a $25 dollar gift certificate to Borders or a local book store because

3. Everyone who contributes a book will get a raffle ticket. 1 book = 1 ticket. This way, a person's contribution will be proportionate to their chance of winning.

4. Promise him/her to do the legwork in distributing books (I'm sure you can round up a few friends to help)

5. Ask if you (or him/her) can put an announcement in the morning news advertising your bookdrive
Book donation is wonderful! A raffle is a great way to get people to donate books. I usually give my books away when I run out of room on my bookshelves. There are a few other places that books can be donated to; such as hospitals, women and homeless shelters, senior's centres, children's after school programs, prisons, and some textbooks can be donated to developing countries.

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