All kids love playing with bubbles.

Making bubbles? Easy! Just use a solution of washing up liquid.

No wand? No problem!

Here's how to make a kid-friendly bubble wand with just two bendy drinking straws.

Step 1: Find Two Straws

I used bendy ones available in boxes of 100 from Ikea.
<p>I meant the second step!</p>
<p>how did you do the first step?</p>
<p>that is an easy straw wand!</p>
i was trying to find an easy instructable for my first one and this one RULED
Thank you Jan! I love this and it's come at a perfect time as the girls have lost their "official" bubble wand so have been left with a tub of mixture and didn't have a clue how to make a wand!! 5/5!!!!
SO easy! Great job, I would have <em>never</em> thought of this idea! Now I can make bubbles whenever I want. :P<br/><br/>Nice job, this definitely gets +5/5 stars.<br/>

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