Step 2: Two become one

Pinch one straw so that it will fit into the other. Push it as far up as the bend (you are aiming to make the hole of the wand as small as possible).
<p>I meant the second step!</p>
<p>how did you do the first step?</p>
<p>that is an easy straw wand!</p>
i was trying to find an easy instructable for my first one and this one RULED
Thank you Jan! I love this and it's come at a perfect time as the girls have lost their "official" bubble wand so have been left with a tub of mixture and didn't have a clue how to make a wand!! 5/5!!!!
SO easy! Great job, I would have <em>never</em> thought of this idea! Now I can make bubbles whenever I want. :P<br/><br/>Nice job, this definitely gets +5/5 stars.<br/>

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