All kids love playing with bubbles.

Making bubbles? Easy! Just use a solution of washing up liquid.

No wand? No problem!

Here's how to make a kid-friendly bubble wand with just two bendy drinking straws.
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Step 1: Find two straws

Picture of Find two straws
I used bendy ones available in boxes of 100 from Ikea.

Step 2: Two become one

Picture of Two become one
Pinch one straw so that it will fit into the other. Push it as far up as the bend (you are aiming to make the hole of the wand as small as possible).

Step 3: Legs crossed!

Picture of Legs crossed!
Cross the two 'legs' over

Step 4: Make a figure of 8

Picture of Make a figure of 8
Pinch one end of a straw into the other,as you did before, to make a figure of 8.

Step 5: You just made a bubble wand

Picture of You just made a bubble wand
That's it. Just make up some mild bubble solution using washing up liquid.

Step 6: Dunk

Picture of Dunk
The bigger hole is for wee hands and the small hole is the actual bubble part.

Dunk (or Dook if you live in Scotland)!

(Remember to exert a little downward pressure on the straw to ensure the hole is closed - think chopsticks. Little kids might need to hold the part where the straws cross)

Step 7: Blow!

Picture of Blow!
Do I really need to explain this step!