Step 31: Rebuilt on a skateboard deck

Picture of Rebuilt on a skateboard deck
Since first posting this instructable I have taken all the components as in the instructable but mounted them on a skateboard deck insted of the marine ply board.

This has allowed me to test ride it.

As a result of this I have tweaked the code slightly to improve (tighten up) the ride and also have used the second gyro to improve the steering:

When you steer the gyro will adjust power to the motors to create a constant rate of turn. Currently this is set slow at 10 degrees per second but you can alter it in the code. Have done this after feedback from viewers.

You could also use a potentiometer to vary the "target" desired rate of turn if you want to take this on another step (see image on front page and also code attached to page 47).

Code examples attached to pages 43-47 as text files. If you cannot download them message me with a working email address and I will email them to you.