Step 32: View of underside of skateboard

Picture of View of underside of skateboard
Here's what is underneath.

Mount the accel/gyro as close to centre of board as possible. NOTE: I have since moved it to the top of the board, see later pages.

Also if using blu-tack as I did originally for temporary adjustments, make sure it is a big blob and holds it firmly. If it wobbles about the board will oscillate and you cannot work out why!

The board was largest skateboard deck I could get.
Also, it bends down each end very slightly when you stand on it. This makes the chains go slack!
Therefore need to brace it with wood/metal strut down centre or along sides on top of deck. It only has to run out as far as each motor from centre line. This is important, it does matter, binding tight chains mean motor contrioller keeps cutting out, slack chains mean too much oscillation, they have to be just right.

One solution is to use a square of half inch marine ply as mounting for wheels and motors, then just bolt a skateboard on top of this!

With a little welding the motors can be mounted sideways and brought nearer the wheels. This gives room to put batteries underneath (just) and circuit boards on the top in a small housing (see photo on first page).