Easy but destructive wrist mounted flamethrower

Picture of Easy but destructive wrist mounted flamethrower

This is a flamethrower I made which didn't take me quit long how ever finding the materials were a hassle for me but since I have already listed the materials here it should not be a problem! Build this at your own risk! It is not very dangerous however I do not wish to be affiliated with any legal matters. None the less enjoy building this awesome gadget which will you will be very proud of :D.

Please give me feedback and if their is anything wrong or you need help I am more then happy to help you :D Forgive me for anything I have missed out on! Feel free to ask questions :)!

You can find all the materials at home, at a DIY or hardware store or at a large supermarket.
The total cost of the materials should not exceed 30 Dollars, 25 Euros , 20 British pounds. 

Materials required:

- 2 shin pads or arm pads that have a hard surface(for the butane canister) and a soft surface
- A coke small plastic coke bottle
- 1-2 meters of air tubing used in aquariums
- 2 wooden bbq sticks
- A piece of brass of 10 cm's length and 2 cm's wide! 3 holes drilled in each hole being 3 cm's away from each other. Leave one 1 cm before drilling the first hole
-  Epoxy
- Thing but relatively long string
- Heavy duty sellotape
- A cheap gardening/work glove
- The metal piece found at the tip of a pen which can be unscrewed of
- A piece of metal that can be shaped
- 2-3 zip tie's that are relatively long
- A small washer
- A butane canister whit a cone shaped nozzle(very important)
- A small brass piece with a hole and 2 lengths ( used for curtains )
- A small piece of tube which can fit into the hole of the brass of 3 holes and into the air tube without budging

Tools needed:


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xaviergoby (author) 1 year ago
Follow me because I am planning on uploading the design for a more sturdy model and also prototype 2 which will be in a bag in favour of being more stealthy!
xaviergoby (author) 1 year ago The youtube video that might help out a little but is prototype 1 unlike this design which is prototype 2
Call_meStark3 months ago

Is there someone here who has made one that I could chat to through email? I'd really like to talk to someone who can help me out. My email is

bdanforth1 year ago

How long does the butane canister last? I feel like to wouldn't last for a very long time with fireballs like in the last picture! Awesome instructable by the way :)

xaviergoby (author)  bdanforth11 months ago

Actually it does last quit a while! It will take me at least an hour of continuously shooting flames to go trough one canister :D. Thank a lot mate, apreciate it :)

isaakol1 year ago
sure, I will! (if my dad want haha)
isaakol1 year ago
this is freaking awesome
xaviergoby (author)  isaakol1 year ago
Thanks man :D! Glad to help if you want to make one!