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Introduction: Easy But Destructive Wrist Mounted Flamethrower

About: I am a fella who is into creating stuff and also who likes to share and help others in creating gadgets and gizmos :D

This is a flamethrower I made which didn't take me quit long how ever finding the materials were a hassle for me but since I have already listed the materials here it should not be a problem! Build this at your own risk! It is not very dangerous however I do not wish to be affiliated with any legal matters. None the less enjoy building this awesome gadget which will you will be very proud of :D.

Please give me feedback and if their is anything wrong or you need help I am more then happy to help you :D Forgive me for anything I have missed out on! Feel free to ask questions :)!

You can find all the materials at home, at a DIY or hardware store or at a large supermarket.
The total cost of the materials should not exceed 30 Dollars, 25 Euros , 20 British pounds. 

Materials required:

- 2 shin pads or arm pads that have a hard surface(for the butane canister) and a soft surface
- A coke small plastic coke bottle
- 1-2 meters of air tubing used in aquariums
- 2 wooden bbq sticks
- A piece of brass of 10 cm's length and 2 cm's wide! 3 holes drilled in each hole being 3 cm's away from each other. Leave one 1 cm before drilling the first hole
-  Epoxy
- Thing but relatively long string
- Heavy duty sellotape
- A cheap gardening/work glove
- The metal piece found at the tip of a pen which can be unscrewed of
- A piece of metal that can be shaped
- 2-3 zip tie's that are relatively long
- A small washer
- A butane canister whit a cone shaped nozzle(very important)
- A small brass piece with a hole and 2 lengths ( used for curtains )
- A small piece of tube which can fit into the hole of the brass of 3 holes and into the air tube without budging

Tools needed:


Step 1: The Butane Canister Holder

- Leave 16 cm's of the plastic coke bottle starting from the bottom and then cut from the top
- Take one of your arm pad's/shin pad's and stick it into the other one
- Attach the coke bottle to the top of the pad where the hard surface should be with heavy duty sellotape and then with the 2-3 zip ties

Step 2: Making the Gas Release Mechanism

Attach one of the lengths of  the 2 brass pieces with one hole to each side of the bottle
- Attach to each side of the bottle and right on top of the brass pieces the wooden bbq sticks (using the sellotape)

Step 3: Making the Pull/push Mechanism

If the middle of the 10 cm long brass is big enough stick it in VERY little and cover the top with some epoxy. If you cannot fit the air tube into the hole just attach the air tube to the hole by putting epoxy around the brass piece and air tube

   !Wait for the epoxy to completely settle before continuing!

- Stick the small washer on the cone shaped nozzle of the butane canister. If the washer drops all the way down to the bottom of the nozzle you either need a different nozzle or smaller washer. The washer must wedge it self in the middle of the nozzle
- Stick the small piece of tube I mentioned earlier into the air tubing on the side with the air tube protruding from the brass piece
- Now put epoxy to the other side of the brass in order to strengthen everything

!Wait for the epoxy to completely settle before continuing!

- Now do the same with the string (1.5-2 m length)  as I have done in the pictures. Put them trough the holes of the brass piece controlling the mechanism and then trough the small brass pieces attached to the coke bottle. Do not cut of the string
- Next attach the air tube to the top of the coke bottle as done in the second image.


Step 4: The Glove

- Attach the small piece of metal that can be shaped on to the palm of the glove
- Shape the metal so that the air tube can go trough it and stick out from the other side
- Stick in the small metal cone that you unscrewed from the tip of your pen
- Now measure the strings to see how much you need in order to pull your mechanism comfortably and then tie both ends at this point.

Step 5: How to Use

Put your arm trough the pad and then your hand into the glove! Now when you pull your hand down the butane gas should go trough the air tube and out of the metal piece located at the palm of the hand! In order to ignite the flames you are going to have to use a lighter or a match stick. I recommend lighting the flames when their is little gas coming out in order to prevent any thing going wrong!



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    Follow me because I am planning on uploading the design for a more sturdy model and also prototype 2 which will be in a bag in favour of being more stealthy!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlfMB5y0zIc The youtube video that might help out a little but is prototype 1 unlike this design which is prototype 2

    Where i will get a butane canister with a cone shaped nozzle

    Is there someone here who has made one that I could chat to through email? I'd really like to talk to someone who can help me out. My email is caiusmackay@gmail.com

    How long does the butane canister last? I feel like to wouldn't last for a very long time with fireballs like in the last picture! Awesome instructable by the way :)

    1 reply

    Actually it does last quit a while! It will take me at least an hour of continuously shooting flames to go trough one canister :D. Thank a lot mate, apreciate it :)

    sure, I will! (if my dad want haha)

    Thanks man :D! Glad to help if you want to make one!