Step 4: Learn how to use the clip

Picture of Learn how to use the clip
Like for the 'cable clip from tubing' it is important to get familiar with your new sucker-clip. You need to pull the cable skillfully in order not to ruin your expensive headset (see step 6 for all detail: http://www.instructables.com/id/Cable-clip-from-tubing/step6/Learn-how-to-use-the-clip).

To hang the cable: position the cable in the upper triangular opening while leaving a few centimeters of space towards the connector. Push the cable gently with a finger of one hand towards the clip while pulling the cable down softly with the other hand. Then let the connector be supported by the upside of the cable clip.

To remove the cable from the clip: gently pull the cable from underneath towards the triangular opening at the bottom until the two triangular clasps release the cable. The other way round is possible as well: then first pull the cable a little upward to free the connector from the clip, then pull down towards the upper triangular opening.