Step 7: Innovative aspects

Picture of Innovative aspects
The concept described in this instructable has innovative aspects. These are:

 - The clip is made from a standard suction cup, which is thus easily upgraded to have additional  functionality;
 - The sucker version cable clip can and may easily be reproduced;
 - The design and making of the clip is easy and doesn't require complex manufacturing;
 - The clip encloses the cable or other object completely and in such a way that it cannot easily slide out. There is no free space so thin cables (or other objects) will not fall out;
 - The flexible nature of the suction clip makes that it automatically adjusts to thicker cables or other objects;
 - The form of the triangular clasps is multifunctional: it guides sliding the cable in and out and encloses the cable or other object;
 - The solitary design (one clip for one cable or other object) allows to pin up the cables where you need them: one clip to every window, tile or other smooth surface;
 - The cable clip can quickly be stuck to smooth surfaces without screwing and without adhesive tape.