Step 7: Innovative aspects

The concept described in this instructable has innovative aspects. These are:

 - The clip is made from a standard suction cup, which is thus easily upgraded to have additional  functionality;
 - The sucker version cable clip can and may easily be reproduced;
 - The design and making of the clip is easy and doesn't require complex manufacturing;
 - The clip encloses the cable or other object completely and in such a way that it cannot easily slide out. There is no free space so thin cables (or other objects) will not fall out;
 - The flexible nature of the suction clip makes that it automatically adjusts to thicker cables or other objects;
 - The form of the triangular clasps is multifunctional: it guides sliding the cable in and out and encloses the cable or other object;
 - The solitary design (one clip for one cable or other object) allows to pin up the cables where you need them: one clip to every window, tile or other smooth surface;
 - The cable clip can quickly be stuck to smooth surfaces without screwing and without adhesive tape.
wow! that's very smart!
simple and handy thanx for the share i sure gona need this
<br>I have two or three cables I am tired of chasing, so I plan to make some of these as soon as I can get the cups.
Brillian idea - I bought a bag of ten suction cups recently, I knew they would be useful sooner or later so thanks my cables are all tidy now ! <br> <br>You can buy packs of them on Amazon under Kitchen &amp; Home, some with built on clips/hooks etc
Great. Feel free to share a picture of your tidy cables with the Instructables audience...
very nice. the only thing is that sometimes those suction cups do not stay in place for very long.
If you spray a bit of water before you stick them, they stay stuck for much, much longer. I have one in my bathroom that has been stuck for 2 years holding my razor.
Water with a trace of washing up liquid is even better, probably because it maintains the airtight seal as it dries out.
I understood that degreasing is the key for success. This indeed goes fine with water and washing-up liquid.
Clean with vinagure and water. The original glass cleaner. <br>Then feel the surface, if you can feel bumps, clean with hot water, soap and vinagure. <br>Repeat until clean. <br> <br>Then lick the sucker before applying.
Thanks for the comments on licensing <a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Easy-cable-clip-sucker-version/?comments=all#C9YQDQYHCJODFWF" rel="nofollow">@james.m.k</a> and <a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Easy-cable-clip-sucker-version/?comments=all#CWZJVQOHCJOELP6" rel="nofollow">@gcai_fwb</a>. The concept that is being introduced has innovative aspects, which have been described in <a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Easy-cable-clip-sucker-version/step7/Innovative-aspects" rel="nofollow">Step 7</a>. In summary: it's not about the sucker but about the triangular clasps made from a standard sucker. Patenting this feature is a long and costly road, with high risks involved because of prior art aspects. Disclosing the concept in an instructable that is made available under CC BY is an alternative route, attributing the idea to <a href="http://www.instructables.com/member/openproducts" rel="nofollow">openproducts</a>. A next step could be to find commercial parties that have an interest in the work presented and are willing to facilitate a win-win-win situation. For example, granting a rebate to clients that purchase standard suction cups based on this instructable (win...), thereby increasing their exposure and sales (win...) and spare a few percentages of the additional turnover to openproducts (win!).
Very nice! <br> <br>Though I kind of doubt that using sickers to stick things to smooth surfaces is a licenceable thing. Too much prior art. But nonetheless, very nice.
Awesome!!!!! <br>i love ur idea.
Nothing like a simple solution to create a more workable world! <br>Nice.
Some of the best inventions are simple little things that nobody else thought of. Not quite sure where to get the suction cups though - they are too cheap to be sold by themselves so it's hit and miss at the dollar store?
I have seen suction cups for sale in craft stores in reasonable amounts, sometimes singly.
Good idea - but licensing it ?
Great Idea!! This is so simple yet so fuctional!! nice job

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