Easy cake mix cinnamon rolls

Picture of Easy cake mix cinnamon rolls
Fresh cinnamon rolls in the morning. Ahhhh, the smell, the golden brown goodness coming out of the oven. Who would have thought it could be so easy? This is a fairly simple recipe that always produces good results.
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i have tried. Very good. Thank you for your sharing. Do you have other recipes?
Notherjack (author)  susanchen20112 years ago
Thank you. Do I have other recipes? Yes I have lots of recipes as I have been cooking for 40 years. What are you interested in?
I like salad very much. Do you have any other recipes about it?
Notherjack (author)  susanchen20112 years ago
Thanks a lot for your recommendation.
Oh, these sound amazing. I'll have to make these for my boyfriend - he's got a cinnamon roll addiction.
Notherjack (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
It does make a tasty roll and the smell of course is amazing! Thank you for your comment.
I made something like this before, but I used yellow cake mix. Mmmmm. so good