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easy card trick using a cool colour change one of the first tricks i learnt i now i use it alot

here is a video (can't embed it!) there is also a written guide

Video Tutorial

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Step 1: Have a card chosen

Picture of have a card chosen
Have a card chosen by a spectator it can be any card and make sure the spectator remembers it without showing you

Step 2: 'losing' the card in the deck

Picture of 'losing' the card in the deck
- Get the card back.
- Cut the deck in half and tell them to place theres on the lower half
- Close the two packs together but place your pinky finger between them
- Transfer this break to your thumb by taking the deck in your right hand with your thumb and fingers at the short edges
- take some cards from the bottom of the deck with your left hand and bring them to the top then take all the cards below the thumb break (so your thumb is now on the bottom of the deck) and bring them to the top. The spectators card should be on top of the deck.

Step 3: Have a second card picked

Picture of have a second card picked
- have a card touched and pull it out face up
- ask them if its theirs. tell them i will turn it into yours or along those lines
- while gesturing with the card get a break under the top card of the deck push it over with your thumb then pull it back with your thumb leaving your pinky under the top card

Step 4: The change

Picture of the change
- Take the card and place on deck and lift off as one(you shud have the indiffent card back to back with their selection)
- Grab it between your thumb and second finger at opposite corners with your right hand
- With your left hand do the same
- Apply upward pressure with your right hand and downwrd pressure with your left hand
- release with your left finger first the card should spin round making a very visual change
- finsh by putting both cards back on top of the deck leaving you clean
mr33mean6 years ago
Good Job, i understood it and it is an awesome card trick, for those who don't get it, just watch the video a few more times paying close attention
ha first comment i didnt get it
Oh dear.
is it kind of like ambitious card?
drake8 years ago
i dont get it
drorange (author)  drake8 years ago
ok plz tell wat u didn't get also check the video it might help this is my first instructable
drake8 years ago