Picture of Easy cardboard sketchbook
  • This cardboard sketchbook is so easy to make and only requires the minimum of supplies.
  • You can make a sketch book in about 15 minutes.
  • You can modify it to be as beautiful and versatile as you need.
Exacto knife or sharp box cutter

For advanced versions add:
Yarn, string or waxed linen thread
Fabric scraps or wrapping paper

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Step 1: Cut to size

Picture of Cut to size
Figure out how big you want the sketchbook to be, For regular scrap cardboard (there are actually different strengths/sizes of cardboard), you want a sketchbook that is no bigger than 5x7.

Cut your cardboard about 2x as long as you need with an extra inch added, but you'll need to look at the next step before you cut so that you do it the right direction. So for a 5x7 sketchbook you will cut it 5 inches wide by 15 inches long (7 x 2 + 1).

Cut your paper so that it is slightly smaller so it fits inside without the paper showing.  Cut as many papers as you can comfortably staple together - I stapled 10 sheets of nice sketching paper and it was almost too many.
Burnsides3 years ago
artfulann (author)  Burnsides3 years ago
thank you!
This is awesome! When school starts I always try to find unique things to carry with me, I always spend time decorating around 10 notebooks (on clearance for 13 cents at target after school starts :D) just so I am different...
artfulann (author)  i_am_vindicated3 years ago
Enjoy-- at some point I'll put up an instructable about the different books that I've made/I make with my students. All are cheap, unique and easy to do.