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Introduction: Easy Citrus Flavored Sugar

Citrus fruits like lemon, lime, orange, tangerine or grapefruit are wonderful ingredients for making your own flavored sugars.

This tutorial will show how to make lime sugar, to use in pastry, desserts and mohito's! :)

You can adapt this tutorial to make other flavored sugars, for example by using vanilla beans or cinnamon. https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Vanilla-sugar/

Step 1: What You Will Need

  • Sharp knife or zester
  • Cutting board when using a knife
  • Jar
  • Optional: oven and baking paper
  • Sugar (I used very fine sugar because I like the look of it)
  • Citrus fruit, for example a lime

Step 2: Zest

Cut of the zest from your citrus fruit with a sharp knife or zester (zest is the outer layer of the peel without the white part).

Then cut it in little peaces (I switched from my small knife to a large chef's knife).

Step 3: Let It Dry

Let your zest dry in the open air, or put it in a oven for 15 minutes (40 degrees Celcius / 100 degrees Farenheit).

According to probablepossible you could also put the zest in the sugar and let it dry there. See the comment below :)

Step 4: Mix and Enjoy

Mix the dried zest with the sugar, the longer you wait, the more flavor the sugar will get, now it's just pleasant to the eyes.

You could use this sugar in pastries, on desserts, on bread with butter, on fruit salads and in drinks like mohito's! :)

Extra tips: Put it in a blender to make your own powdered sugar. Use it to make flavored frosting or butter cream. (Thanks to -RoyaleWithCheese- and chazortiz)


Love Sanne



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    Now I want to try it with a whole bunch of citrus! I wonder if you could use non-citrus fruits too...

    is there a way to make rum or eggnog flavored sugar? I made eggnog wreath cookie, and they taste bland. I'm hoping to save them with some flavored sugar dusting or coating. Any help or ideas on how to save my tasteless cookies. ?


    I'm sorry. I wouldn't know how to help you with your cookies. Mixing with liquids would dissolve the sugar.
    Perhaps you can make icing with rum + sugar or eggnog + sugar? I have never tried this though.

    I made some lime, orange, and lemon and they all turned out well! I used the lime sugar in place of normal sugar in a sugar cookie recipe and it was very tasty and had a hint of lime!!! Thanks very much for this!

    Wow, you've been buisy! Great to hear it was a succes! Thanks for posting :D

    Just made some and had it. The entire family likes it! Great job on this one.

    How nice to hear that it was a success! Thanks!

    I enjoy that this is so way easy.
    I too like lemon/lime-everythings. So I'm gonna make some later.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Sounds yummy, pretty and easy! Thanks for sharing! I'm hoping to make some of these for our annual Christmas hampers.