Easy citrus flavored sugar

Picture of Easy citrus flavored sugar

Citrus fruits like lemon, lime, orange, tangerine or grapefruit are wonderful ingredients for making your own flavored sugars.

This tutorial will show how to make lime sugar, to use in pastry, desserts and mohito's! :)

You can adapt this tutorial to make other flavored sugars, for example by using vanilla beans or cinnamon.
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Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need

  • Sharp knife or zester
  • Cutting board when using a knife
  • Jar
  • Optional: oven and baking paper
  • Sugar (I used very fine sugar because I like the look of it)
  • Citrus fruit, for example a lime

Step 2: Zest

Picture of Zest

Cut of the zest from your citrus fruit with a sharp knife or zester (zest is the outer layer of the peel without the white part).

Then cut it in little peaces (I switched from my small knife to a large chef's knife).

Step 3: Let it dry

Picture of Let it dry

Let your zest dry in the open air, or put it in a oven for 15 minutes (40 degrees Celcius / 100 degrees Farenheit).

According to probablepossible you could also put the zest in the sugar and let it dry there. See the comment below :)

Step 4: Mix and enjoy

Picture of Mix and enjoy

Mix the dried zest with the sugar, the longer you wait, the more flavor the sugar will get, now it's just pleasant to the eyes.

You could use this sugar in pastries, on desserts, on bread with butter, on fruit salads and in drinks like mohito's! :)

Extra tips: Put it in a blender to make your own powdered sugar. Use it to make flavored frosting or butter cream.
(thanks to -RoyaleWithCheese- and chazortiz)


Love Sanne
cfilloux1 year ago
I made some lime, orange, and lemon and they all turned out well! I used the lime sugar in place of normal sugar in a sugar cookie recipe and it was very tasty and had a hint of lime!!! Thanks very much for this!
SanneLaurenssen (author)  cfilloux1 year ago
Wow, you've been buisy! Great to hear it was a succes! Thanks for posting :D
Just made some and had it. The entire family likes it! Great job on this one.
How nice to hear that it was a success! Thanks!
MJFallout1 year ago
I enjoy that this is so way easy.
I too like lemon/lime-everythings. So I'm gonna make some later.
Thanks for sharing.
SanneLaurenssen (author)  MJFallout1 year ago
You're welcome!
kmartin311 year ago
Sounds yummy, pretty and easy! Thanks for sharing! I'm hoping to make some of these for our annual Christmas hampers.
SanneLaurenssen (author)  kmartin311 year ago
Thanks for your nice words! I would definitely also recommend making orange sugar to put in hot tea and chocolate for the winter.
chazortiz1 year ago
I love lime flavored anything I will try this tonight!
SanneLaurenssen (author)  chazortiz1 year ago
I'd love to hear how it went.
My sugar smells really good already, but I can't really taste the lime yet.
Hard to be patient ;)
Hello I made lime sugar and added it to a butter creme frosting and it was a knock out hit! Thanks again for posting such a good recipe,Chaz
SanneLaurenssen (author)  chazortiz1 year ago
Hi Chaz,
it is really nice to hear that it was a success!
I will definitely try making butter creme frosting with it (is that just sugar with butter or do you have a secret ingredient?)
I used 1/4 cup milk ,your sugar mix,and butter. I just read a recipe on pinterest that says to use marshmallow fluff instead of butter so I may mess with that idea and still use your mix I may add lemon and lime zest to the sugar and see what I get.
SanneLaurenssen (author)  chazortiz1 year ago
That recipe sounds really easy, thanks! Until now I only made icing/frosting with sugar. I like the idea of mixing different kinds of zest, it would surely look lovely with the different colors :D
jogarcej1 year ago
Nice instructable. The final product picture shows 2 jars with flavored sugar. One can be lime or lemon, what is the other one? It looks kind of reddish.
SanneLaurenssen (author)  jogarcej1 year ago
That is orange sugar I made one year ago. You can see it has been infusing longer because the sugar turned orange a bit.
I stir it right into the sugar at this point, letting it dry in the sugar. Stir it once or twice over the next week. This infuses the flavor into the crystals.
That is a really good idea, I figured that it would become too sticky. I'll try this when I will make the next lemon flavored one.
I would wait a week or two.
It's similar to adding vanilla bean to sugar, so I think it would be BEST to let it sit for a month so that the flavour infuses throughout all the sugar and there is no mistaking the lime flavour. :]
What would be the minimum amt of time to infuse?
This is the first time I made lime flavored sugar, so I wouldn't know precisely. I think it also depends on the zest sugar ratio. If you don't want to wait long I recommend to use more zest.
The orange sugar I made earlier was really flavored after a week, the lime sugar from a couple of day's ago already tastes a bit like lime. :)
Chazortiz made butter cream frosting with his sugar the same night, so I guess you could use it immediately :D
Since you are using very fine sugar, do the measurements change when using in a recipe? Like a cookie recipe for example.
I'm sorry :) Here I have the right answer for you.
The weight of normal sugar and very fine sugar is very similar when using a tablespoon to measure it, both are 16 grams.
sarbear3211 year ago
I didn't know you could do such things with sugar! This has opened my eyes :D