Step 6: ENJOY!

Picture of ENJOY!
Return the filtered coffee to the clean pitcher. Pour yourself a cup and enjoy!

I like mine with ice and plenty of soy milk.

This is my first Instructible. Please give me feed back.
rtr_hed4 months ago

Good Instructable, I will try this tonight. Go Browns!

rmitchell24 years ago
I like to boil down the coffee with sugar after I get it concentrated enough to make it into a syrup which I then add to milk. Tastes pretty good.
I'm in Michigan, and I drink iced coffee year round (hot coffee too). I already have 3 coffee pots, so the idea of buying a french press was pushing the limit. I like this concentrated coffee idea. I usually just drink it black (hot or cold), but have been known to add cream, or cream and sugar. I am also going to try using the concentrated coffee to flavor homemade ice cream - I usually use instant for that, but this would be even better! And I like the "good old Cleveland municipal" comment. Makes you more real. Thank you!
zexy6 years ago
Nice! I'll have to give this a try.
TRL10876 years ago
This is your first Instructable? Really? It's quite good, and I can't wait to try this out. I might suggest in the last step, in the picture where you're pouring coffee back into the pitcher, that you take the picture from a direct angle, perpendicular to the wall. The same applies to a few of the other pictures, for the reason that it makes you seem more professional. There's nothing wrong, it's just a though.
my wife and i are big time coffee junkies, and iced coffee is one thing that i love to have on summer days. i appreciate this recipe, i can't wait to get home and give it a shot. thanks! nick