Step 1: The Problem: 50+ letters to send

Recently I had a lot of letters to send and the envelopes had not an adhesive seal. I don't know how you call it exactly, but the seal of my envelopes had to be moistened to become adhesive. For one or two letters normally one can do this with its tongue, but for 60+ letters this was not an option.

In addition I had to to put not adhesive stamps on every letter. I had adhesive stamps but they were valid only for standard letters and mine got heavy so I had to put some extra postage on. And those extra postage stamps had also to be moistened to become adhesive.

So I came up with this little helper made entirely form household materials: A small peace of sponge squeezed into a clothespin.
The sponge will hold the water for moistening and the clothespin will act as a shaft to hold it without getting wet fingers (and therefor spoiling the envelopes).

Step 2: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
All you need is a (kitchen) sponge and a clothespin.

To build this little helper you 'll need a scissor or some (kind of x-acto) knife/cutter. The knife works better since the scissors will squeeze the sponge more then it will cut through it. I started with a scissor but change to a (sharp kitchen) knife.
A non permanent marker will also be handy.
The sponge in the clothespin is so smart. You're a hero!