This is a super easy tutorial on how to backup your files on Windows. All you need is a flash drive!
I will do this with the command prompt. Every time you plug in your flash drive just give it a second and you can take it out, your files will then be backed up!

Use an old flash drive that you don't need anymore to be the ultimate backup solution!

Step 1: First...

Open up notepad and click "Saves as..." and click all files, then save it as "backup.bat"
I have been using a trick like this for a few years, I learnt all my computer tech stuff back when DOS had to be installed before you could then install windows, so that was a little while back! I actually added a menu there as well so u could select certain things to back up, and it worked very well - it was quite amazing to amount of things you could do with DOS and a decently programmed batch file (I even created a home alarm system that worked from a 286 and the parallel port)! Funnily enough though, I was reading that windows 7 wont allow autorun, as it is one of the major causes of virus and trojans in machines these days, according to microsoft, so I dont know how thats going to work for them - I mean, I would prefer to beef up the security in the correct manner than get rid of a useful tool like autorun (thats like telling a fat guy not to bother going on a diet, just wear bigger clothes)! Keep programming! R (",)
"This works with Windows vista, make your own script for XP." "If you want a good explanation learn batch." You should be a bit nicer about this. Perhaps give links to other instructables out there with this information (yes, your 'ible has been done before... for both XP and Vista!) Aside from putting up redundant information, you com across as rude in doing so. Other than that, this could be a good instructable. 2 stars.
nice and informative :) simple to do too.
Good 'ible; straightforward, well documented, and something everyone needs! Oh, and I love that it involves DOS! ~cheers
Thanks I wish it had a higher rating though
ROFL!!! got first coment Nice ible +1

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