Introduction: Easy for Kids Pony Bead Snake!

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This project is so a fun and simple craft that can be used as a toy, or a key-chain!

Step 1: What You Need...

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  • 3 feet of craft string
  • a key-ring
  • and some pony beads! The instructions call for 42 but you can make the snake as long or as short as you want

Step 2: How to Start

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  • Take your string and fold it in half
  • Put the key-ring through the folded end and than stick the two ends through the loop

Step 3: Start to Add Beads!

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  • string 1 bead through one of the strings and make sure it goes all the way to the key-ring.
  • Take the other string and send it through in the opposite direction and pull tight.
  • Add 2 beads
  • Take the other string and send it through in the opposite direction again.
  • Put 3 beads on (the first and last one should be a different color for the eyes) and repeat process

Step 4: Almost Done!!!

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  • After that, just do 2 until you reach the length that you want it. Than do a few rows of just one.
  • Take the ends of the string and double knot them and trim off the extras and you are finished!


BoondaPhD (author)2017-10-13

This is easy and cool! I made mine really fat though, to make it a bit more cooler, but the original is still epic.

HBS24601 (author)2016-02-26

I added pictures!

The Juliart (author)2016-02-21

Glad to see you published your first Instructable. J

HBS24601 (author)The Juliart2016-02-21

what do you think?

The Juliart (author)HBS246012016-02-21

I think you did good with the steps. It would be nice to see pictures of the steps,but as you create more instructables you can add pictures.
Like the Instructables team said ,they need to be your own and so do your words. We all start somewhere . Keep up the good work.

HBS24601 (author)The Juliart2016-02-21

Thank you so much!

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