Picture of Easy fries
How to make french fries the easy way.

Step 1: Find some potatos

Picture of find some potatos
find some good potatos.
stevequag4 years ago
You missed the last step: set aside your cold baked potato chunks and go buy some fries :)
kobaino4 years ago
Why Fry? Where is the oil or even the cooking? And wich temperature?
finfan76 years ago
I mildly object to fries being called french fries simply because they are not french in origin or style. But this is even more strange. They are being called fries when they, at no point, touch any hot oil. These aren't fries; they're just frozen baked potatoes.
the are called French fries because thay are cut in a way called frenching or what ever and these are simplys cold baked potao
pigeon853 (author)  finfan76 years ago
I cant say they are considered french or fries but they are fast and easy potato chunks, They take 5 min in microwave vs 40 min in oven. TIP: skin them first they taste better.
thyubernoob6 years ago
STEP 1 find some good potatoes How do you know if they been bad? LOL .sorry, I couldn't resist.
SurferGeek7 years ago

Cold baked potato = French Fry?