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I LOVE the garlic bread and cheese from Pi**a H*t, but find the garlic bread you buy from supermarkets pales in comparison so I invented my own recipe which is so easy to make and everyone who's tried it says its even better than the huts!

Ingredients needed:

French bread
Tube of Garlic paste (or fresh garlic peeled and crushed)
Extra virgin olive oil
herbs (parsley or mixed herbs - whatever you fancy)
Cheese grated (mozzerella or chedder - again whatever you fancy)

Step 1: Select and prepare your bread slices

Picture of Select and prepare your bread slices
Cut your bread sticks into thickish slices diagonally and arrange on a tray (I cover the tray with foil for easy clean up afterwards).
liberally sprinkle olive oil on the slices and put under a hot grill.

i jxt love your recipe....can u plz tell me what herb is that in step 2

samriddhi2 years ago
tooo gooood. I have got lot of compliments for this:)
akhairi12 years ago
Great Recipe!
rrkrose3 years ago
This looks too good to be true! I will have to try it sometime.
sup wat are you doin guys
That garlic bread is realy nice ,YUM!!!!!!!
nothing wanna play some call of duty black ops zombies?
sup callum
figured it out yet sluggy?
it tasted pretty good the first time i made
awang85 years ago
I just made this with french toast, freshly crushed garlic, dried parsley and lots of extra-virgin olive oil. I sprinkled it with cheese before it went into the oven. YUM! I didn't use butter, but it still tastes better than that expensive stuff from Pizza Hut (known as "value").
awang86 years ago
*sniff* I think I can smell garlic bread just by looking at the pictures.
Kaiven awang85 years ago
I know! What is that phenomena?
awang8 Kaiven5 years ago
Pre-invented smellovision i think.
turtlelover6 years ago
That was soooooo delish! I made 3 times...:D
You don't have to block out Pizza Hut; the way you tell the name can let people know what you're trying to mention.

Like lets say oh yeah I'm using a Duracell battery. Maybe people like Energizer. Better blur it out. It's okay. Don't worry.

We won't kill you.
I SPY reggae - reggae sauce in the 2nd pic !! Levi Roots is one cool dude and cheesy garlic bread is the shiz! great instructable!
Man, do those things look delicious or what?
Ph3nomin0n6 years ago
I could have sworn I smelled Garlic bread when I read this... 5/5
Very very hungry, and this didn't help. Or maybe it did. I needs me some garlic bread now. Good instructable.
Last time I checked, you needn't censor yourself. People talk about Home Depot, Advance Auto Parts and such all the time on here. Interesting 'ible, looks like lots of calories :p
Yea but calories = energy same with fat its all just in proportion on how much you eat
robbyt1961 (author)  guitarman63mm6 years ago
yeah - it's not one to do if your watching your waist line, goes great as a side dish to a spaghetti bolognese
istinkles6 years ago
GRRRRRR. I want to make this now but I already ate dinner and it's 9pm. TOMORROW. :]
vailo6 years ago
AAUGH... That looks so good. and the fact that I'm hungry now...
goman1146 years ago
a great place to get french bread is Jimmy Johns... you can buy their "day old bread" for $.50 or something like that... and it's delicious!
robbyt1961 (author)  goman1146 years ago
I've found that even day old french bread which I would normally throw away works just fine for this, I thhink the bit of olive oil in the first stage really freshens it up.
Cereleste6 years ago
Wow, that looks amazing, I'm drooling all ready.
ravebot6 years ago
yum they are very good thanks for the instructable
JellyWoo6 years ago
Mr. Rig It6 years ago
Those came out nice! Great job!
csmiler6 years ago
Oh wow!Those look Awsome! 1 Question....is it illegal to type a places name on a public site?
robbyt1961 (author)  csmiler6 years ago
Wasn't sure - so made it guessable rather than directly readable. lol