Introduction: Easy Germination

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 I've been using this method for years, it works for low or medium need plants (Low medium water need) Ex. Lentils

Note: My camera is down so theres no step by step photos. But it's pretty straight forward so don't worry (;

Step 1: What You Need.

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 1. Any type of seed. I prefer lentils, they're easy to get and grow well with little water needs.
2. Oval cosmetic pads ( Cotton kind)
3. Water!

Step 2: How It Works.

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1. Take your seed and place it in the middle of the two pads.
2. I use a water bottle (It's easier) Place the lip of the water bottle over the top and bottom side of the Cosmetic disks ( With seed inside)
3. Leave for awhile.
4. Water every 9-10 hours ( Or whenever it loses it moistness)
Make sure it's moist and not soggy!

Step 3: Transplanting!

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 When your plant begins to grow it's stalk, remove the top cosmetic disk.
The bottom one will be attached to the plant as it has hooked into this. 
Keep the bottom disk on and place it in soil, cover the seed and the disk, let the stalk stick out.
Water it!
( Sometimes it looks like the stalk breaks, but it'll regrow.)

Step 4: Finish!

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 Your plant should be growing happily now (: 


chroserens (author)2010-04-11

I'm very interested! Thanks for sharing.
Could you please explain nr. 2 (within step 2) a bit closer though- I don't understand what exactly i have to do.

Sterilebullet (author)chroserens2010-04-22

Just place the lip of the bottle over the cotton pad, or better yet submerge it under water and shake off excess water until it's moist (:

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