Easy Grenade



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Introduction: Easy Grenade

The easy gernade please comment

Step 1:

put the 2 halves togther and hold them by a white rod a the topo and a white rod in the miidle with tips on the end.

Step 2:

now make 8 of these the v connectors with tips on one part of it

Step 3:

now add the v connectors with tips to the first section on the empty spaces comment if you have problems or like it



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    Am I The Only Person Who Noticed He Misspelt Middle And Wrote Miidle?? D:

    6 replies

    I also misspelled top but you didn't mention tht

    lol I was only joking anyways, I make typing errors all the rime:D

    O i see you were trying to be those annoying ppl who when I spelled grenade wrong they got all pissed. My bad

    Naah people like that annoy me too, that's y I say that I'm joking aftwrrwards

    its cool man. so are you a knex guy or wht?
    ive switched to nerf you shld check out tht post but its kinda an add. ive been told

    Come on now let's not be the grammar police. If it bothers you that much I'll change it.

    *reaches out of screen and smacks you a good one*

    Oh my God! You weren't kidding!

    WOW! Cool Gernade.

    what is a gernade? lol

    then how do you spell it

    what do you mean * Gernade

    I mean you misspelled gREnade.

    What is this...gernade? I can't find a definition on it anywhere. Please, explain what a gernade is and what is it supposed to do. Thx.