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The easy gernade please comment

Step 1:

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put the 2 halves togther and hold them by a white rod a the topo and a white rod in the miidle with tips on the end.

Step 2:

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now make 8 of these the v connectors with tips on one part of it

Step 3:

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now add the v connectors with tips to the first section on the empty spaces comment if you have problems or like it


JJ8090 (author)2012-04-13

Am I The Only Person Who Noticed He Misspelt Middle And Wrote Miidle?? D:

techman26 (author)JJ80902012-04-14

I also misspelled top but you didn't mention tht

JJ8090 (author)techman262012-04-15

lol I was only joking anyways, I make typing errors all the rime:D

techman26 (author)JJ80902012-04-15

O i see you were trying to be those annoying ppl who when I spelled grenade wrong they got all pissed. My bad

JJ8090 (author)techman262012-04-16

Naah people like that annoy me too, that's y I say that I'm joking aftwrrwards

techman26 (author)JJ80902012-04-16

its cool man. so are you a knex guy or wht?
ive switched to nerf you shld check out tht post but its kinda an add. ive been told

techman26 (author)JJ80902012-04-14

Come on now let's not be the grammar police. If it bothers you that much I'll change it.

obamafan (author)2009-12-26

Mystery solved!
I found out what a "gernade" is. Warning, NSFW:

So THAT is what K'nex are used for. Very educational.

An Villain (author)obamafan2010-06-12

*reaches out of screen and smacks you a good one*

Millawi Legend (author)obamafan2010-01-20

Nice man.

Colonel88 (author)obamafan2010-01-10


JasonMyers (author)obamafan2010-01-04

Oh my God! You weren't kidding!

andy410 (author)2010-05-02

WOW! Cool Gernade.

draven216 (author)2010-03-16

what is a gernade? lol

techman26 (author)2009-12-29

then how do you spell it

ItsTheHobbs (author)2009-12-24


techman26 (author)ItsTheHobbs2009-12-24

what do you mean * Gernade

ItsTheHobbs (author)techman262009-12-29

I mean you misspelled gREnade.

Sharpie_Samurai (author)2009-12-24

What is this...gernade? I can't find a definition on it anywhere. Please, explain what a gernade is and what is it supposed to do. Thx.

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