Lesson to put electricity to work. Just a simple wind powered generator you can make with spare wire from an electric motor. This is  intended this to be just a prototype for a much larger unit you would like to build. The magnet rotor is separate for the coils to make repairs or upgrades easier. This unit is not intended for high speed winds. Ages 10 and up.


To teach that moving a magnet over wire can create electricity.

To teach a basic or two about magnetism.

To educate that we can use natures own power instead of fossil fuel.

To understand why wind can be a force to help create electricity.

To compare student hypotheses with the actual results of the experiment

To learn to reuse what we have.

Step 1: Hypothesis.

When you pass a magnet by a wire it should generate electricity. That is what we are going to try to prove here. Furthermore we can use wind energy to do all the work.
How far away should the magnets be from the coils?
Try to get the magnets as close to the coils as you can without danger of collision, Greater distance equals less results,.
Nice me also want to build this one...
yeah nice gif
well done- I assume you will inform the students that there will be a post test and class graph? This will keep them alert I presume.
Thanx and yes I will.

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