Picture of Easy homemade coconut and beeswax lip balm!
The easiest lip balm ever. Great for chapped lips and even as a hand salve! I've been using it as a lip balm all day, and on my hands at night.

And because it's made with coconut oil and beeswax, it tastes like honey and fresh coconut - you don't need any other flavorings!
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Step 1: What you'll need:

Picture of What you'll need:
  • containers for lip balm - you can use tubes or pots, or even reused tins, like Altoid's Minis
  • glass measuring cup
  • small grater
  • yellow beeswax
  • coconut oil (I really recommend Dr. Bronner's - it smells the best!)
  • vitamin E oil
  • measuring spoons
  • chopstick or something similar for stirring
  • microwave
Keep in mind that the grater you use on the beeswax is going to get pretty messed up. You can get rid of most of the beeswax by pouring boiling water over the grater, but it's good to have a little one just for beeswax.

Also make sure that your hands and tools are clean before starting - you don't want to get any nasties in the balm.

Step 2: The basic formula

Picture of The basic formula
You can do any measurement you like, but I chose a teaspoon because it makes just enough for a tube of balm or a small pot.

Basic ratio:
  • 2 parts coconut oil
  • 1 part beeswax
  • a few drops of vitamin E

Step 3: The vitamin E oil.

Picture of The vitamin E oil.
Add a few drops of oil to the bottom of the measuring cup. Not only is it good for your skin, it will also help prolong the shelf life of the balm!

Step 4: The coconut oil.

Picture of The coconut oil.
Measure out two teaspoons or coconut oil, pressing it into and leveling the spoon. Scrape it all into the measuring cup.
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JackO54 days ago

Awesome! One question: How do you properly pour it? I am worried certain ingredients would 'harden' earlier, and/or sink to the bottom; giving me an uneven lip balm. Any way to prevent against this?

Also when I pour it into my tube it eventually sinks down- how do you properly 'top it off'?

jessyratfink (author)  JackO53 days ago

I've never had any issues with the balm separating as it cools - as long as you're not adding a load of other oils, you should be fine! If you're really worried about it stir it really well right before you pour.

I normally fill it VERY full, so it's slightly bubbling above the top. If you go slow and easy, you can keep it domed.

dyannedea1 month ago

Very successful! I used 1 part olive oil (infused with dried comfrey and strained), 1 part coconut oil and 2+ parts beeswax. The "+" was to compensate for the liquidity of the olive oil. And of course vitamin e, and I used a few drops of peppermint oil to offset the slight comfrey smell. It set very nicely in tubes, and smells nice too!

SandyG32 months ago
cindy.roy.163 months ago

I used equal parts beeswax and coconut oil with Vit E oil and a bit of honey and it turned out perfectly!

MakaylaS13 months ago

Thanks for sharing! I was wondering if ther is a substite for beeswax?

pallc5 months ago

Thanks for sharing the recipe jessicaratfink. I am going to make up a batch of this. I just ordered some beeswax and already have the other ingredients. I am thinking (though the shelf life may not be as long) about adding hemp oil also. I'm thinking I'll have to use less coconut oil or more beeswax. Was wondering about using ascorbic acid also to help the hemp oil version keep longer and the Vitamin C is not bad for the lips. I was also thinking a Vitamin B2 version also as I know some people like my Mom for one, benefit from B2 since when they are deficient they have lip chapping/cracking problems.

tabi5 months ago

I add some cocoa butter too and it smells and feels great!

RoseanneS5 months ago

I like to add essential oils...I intend to use my Thieves Oil for placing near the nasal passages to ward off the viruses and bacterias that are taken in through the nose....it WORKS. having it in a chapstick form will make it easier to use! I will most likely need more wax in order to keep it from being too soft.

nikop15 months ago

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csamtorto6 months ago

can You use beeswas organic pastilles instead f the bars?

pearson85197 months ago

I think the recipe should read 2parts wax to 1 part oil. Mine didn't even set up. Still liquid after 6 hours.

Just a thought
there is a liquid and a solid coconut oil
I mixed them up by accident as well
thanks for that tip bout the coconut oil. I have never bought any before. I thought it looked odd for an oil in the pics. So I need to buy the coconut oil that is solid.

Coconut oil is solid until it hits 76 degrees, then it melts. It's not different. Except for fractionated coconut oil, but that's not what you want for this.

I was wondering has anyone tried adding some essential oils?? I was thinking of adding a little bit but not sure how much to add!! Any ideas??

Yep. You can use whatever you want, really. Just be careful because citrus scents increase your liklihood of getting sunburnt in that area. So use a small amount. In my lip balms I've used lemon and in others i've used peppermint. Peppermint should be used in small amounts too because it leaves a tingly sensation on your lips. A few drops usually does the trick!

Peppermint or mint essential oil or extract can be added ingredients to plumping lipglosses & such.
di.millie8 months ago

I added peppermint and cocoa essential oils in equal parts (nine drops of each with the part ratio being 1 tablespoon) and now my balms smell like after eight. It's wonderful and now all the neighbourhood kids come and ask me to make them some.

krobison8 months ago
Amazing! Worked perfectly. Not too hard or soft and it feels great on my lips. This batch made 3 very small (5g?) Lip balm pots full. Definitely making more and giving them away in gift baskets full of my homemade beauty products.
reem2153 years ago
Where did you get the beeswax from?
I got it from a local bee keeper
I know you posted this a long time ago but...try your local farmers market. Search out local bee keepers. They are your best source for the best wax.
jessyratfink (author)  reem2153 years ago
I found a pound at Hobby Lobby, but there are lots of great places to get it online. Ive heard ebeehoney.com is good. :)
kchanke10 months ago

I am making this for a teen library program tomorrow evening and I made a trial batch today. Fantastic! Recipe worked perfectly and the finished product feels amazing. Thanks for sharing!

ssaeed61 year ago

What a wonderful recipe. I followed it to a T and got some truly amazing lip balm. I had tried one before with honey and beeswax but could never get the honey to be incorporated with the wax. THIS one is perfect...thanks for sharing.

emagin1 year ago

Thanks for this simple and effective recipe. Well done.


I would only advise folks to carefully check the source of your beeswax and try to get it from a local beekeeper AFTER YOU ASK:
Do you treat your bees in any way with fungicides or other pest control methods?

Many commercial beeks put all kinds of junk in their hives to control pests (varroa and other nasties) which gets into the wax. Now, to be fair, bees will bring some things back to the hive from where they forage, and those things can get into the wax. But you had might as well get wax from naturally maintained hives.

Definitely going to give this recipe a try, especially since everyone seems to be using Beeswax. I use sheep wool wax (lanolin) and cocoa butter in mine.

Just did a quick DIY vid that shows the recipe and some nice container ideas at

For anyone looking for "recycled" containers, I think mint tins and empty skincare containers (like the small glass jars that eye and face cream sometimes come in) work well and are easily washable.

Does anyone have a line on recycled packaging materials for lip balm? I did check a previously posted link but unable to find anything recycled.

I was looking for a place to get lip balm tubes and came across this site while looking for a lip balm recipe.

https://www.thesage.com/catalog/LipBalmContainers.html The black containers state they are made from 100% recycled plastics. Pretty decent pricing as well.

spylock1 year ago
I use the vitamin E gel caps,just clip the ends and squeeze it into your mixture.
Great recipe: clear and easy - thanks for that! I might give it a try this weekend.

I wonder if it would help to store the lip balms (if I go through all this trouble, I might want to make more than one at the same time) in the fridge?

Also: do you think essential oils like lavender can be added?
4sc4n102 years ago
What a great idea. I just clicked on the "add" button to my projects list :-). BTW, playing with wax (which has almost countless uses) I accidentally spilled melted wax in a Teflon pan, and it was a pain to remove safely, I mean without ruining the Teflon coating. So I heated waste vegetable oil inside it until wax melted and mixed in with the oil. Wax doesn't mix readily with a lot of things, except oil. So I could pour the mix in another container and simply wash the pan with water and a sponge to get rid of the rest of oil and wax.
Completely different topic, but do you know that Teflon is not that safe as a material to use on pans? Recently we got ourselves two new, ceramic pans to fry the eggs in. This was after DH read some scary reports online about Teflon being found in the bloodstream of people. Brrrrrrrr.
momoluv2 years ago
dallbrett2 years ago
Thanks so much! This is as easy as mac and cheese-out of a box! I just tried it with a few variations, and the end product is lovely!
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