Easy homemade peanut butter.

Picture of Easy homemade peanut butter.
Peanut butter is expensive. Who am I to spend 4 dollars for a generic jar of this wonderful food treat? NO MORE! I have decided to make it myself and post it here. For the world to see. Enjoy.

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Step 1: WARNING....DUH

Picture of WARNING....DUH

Step 2: Peanut gathering......sorta

Picture of Peanut gathering......sorta
Working around the restaurant industry has certain perks. I work for a gas company and drive around in a CO2 truck filling the tanks so the sodas are not flat. Sometimes I am their best friend but sometimes I am just the guy making noise behind the store. Sometimes they give me stuff. Sodas, food stuffs, PEANUTS BY THE 5 POUND SACK! Yeah baby, perks of the job.

Step 3: Shelling....ouch

Picture of Shelling....ouch
This is the hardest portion of the ible. I can sit here and eat peanuts for a couple of hours. No issues there. But to try shelling them and just dropping the nuts in a measuring cup? Holy crap was that tiring. Especially when I had to skin them as well. I managed to get three cups worth and that filled my 1 quart Mason jar. My efforts would soon be rewarded.

Step 4: Other ingredients.....both of them

Picture of Other ingredients.....both of them
Honey and canola oil. That is all. 1 TBSP per cup of nuts. Easy Peasy. I need to add this little nugget. The peanuts were salted when I got them so I did not use salt in my recipe.

Step 5: Creation....antique style

Picture of Creation....antique style
Look at this food processor. Is it old enough for ya? It is from a time when spandex and neon bandannas were all the rage. Ozone and Turbo would be proud. Breakin reference there. let the peanuts go for a few minutes on high. I had to remove the plunger and use a wooden spoon to ensure full processing. Then add the other two ingredients. The ratio is simple here. 1 TBSP of oil and honey to 1 cup peanuts. I had 3 cups of peanuts so I used 3 TBSP each oil and honey. Set it back to high and let it go until it reaches your desired consistency. 

Step 6: Packaging....WTH

Picture of Packaging....WTH
You may remember that my jar was full when I started. Let me remind you with a picture. When completed I had only half of the jar full. Oh well. 6 cups peanuts plus 6 TBSP oil and honey and you might just fill that quart jar. Enjoy on crackers or waffles. My personal favorite is on hot toast. Happy snacking.
Cool! And thank you for carbonating my soda lol
nancyjohns1 year ago

I'm gonna have to try this!

great ible!

bmelton1 (author)  nancyjohns1 year ago

I hope you enjoy it.