Introduction: Easy IDevice Prank!

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Step 1: Go to Settings

Picture of Go to Settings

Step 2: Click General

Picture of Click General

Step 3: Click Accessibility

Picture of Click Accessibility

Step 4: Click Guided Access

Picture of Click Guided Access

This will start the prank. Turn on guided access on a friends iDevice and enter a password you have to remember.

Step 5: Add the Pass Code

Picture of Add the Pass Code

Step 6: Go to the App You Wanna Prank Them On.

Picture of Go to the App You Wanna Prank Them On.

I used minecraft pocket edition.

Step 7: Start Guided Access

Picture of Start Guided Access

Circle the parts on the screen that will be disabled. (Insert evil laugh here). Then start click done and they will be at your mercy. Sorry but I couldn't take a screenshot with this.

Step 8: That's All!


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