Picture of Easy iPod Stand
 Make a really easy, portable iPod stand for watching movies and videos.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Thin card - eg. from cereal boxes
Glue - I use Evo Stick Impact glue, but a glue stick or UHU should work fine.
Newspaper - To stop glue from going on surfaces if using Evo Stick or UHU.
2l drinks bottle - Optional

sk8erfreeks4 years ago
schwieb5 years ago
How is it that two people working independently can come up with such a similar design?  I was about to do a tutorial, but you beat me to it!  I used this template and an old gift card to make a stand for my HTC Eris phone.

Good work anyway!
RoddyTheGreat (author)  schwieb5 years ago
 Sleek design, I found the design on a website and they were selling this exact shape for £6.99 which is a total rip seeing as it is just made from fancy plastic so I thought I'de make my own and share it.
good job!!!
FrozenIce4 years ago
Hey, do u think they'll make a mobile version of the site? that would be cool and practical! BTW awsome instructable 5 stars
Nabil5 years ago
I liked the idea! I made one in PVC for my blackberry storm and the dimensions fitted perfectly.
I made a template more printer friendly and added an optional hole for the charger, I hopes it becomes useful.
RoddyTheGreat (author)  Nabil5 years ago
nice idea - I've included it in the templates step. Try making it from an old 2l drinks bottle, the curve is perfect.