Easy IPod Stand


Introduction: Easy IPod Stand

 Make a really easy, portable iPod stand for watching movies and videos.

Step 1: Materials

Thin card - eg. from cereal boxes
Glue - I use Evo Stick Impact glue, but a glue stick or UHU should work fine.
Newspaper - To stop glue from going on surfaces if using Evo Stick or UHU.
2l drinks bottle - Optional

Step 2: Template

Print off this template:
It should measure 11.6cm along the bottom and 5.7cm from top to bottom

UPDATE: Also try drawing the template onto a 2l drinks bottle - it is ready curved and is transparent, very cool.

Step 3: Assembly

Draw around the template onto some card and cut out. you will need two. Then you need to stick them together and wait for them to dry. The laminating effect of two pieces gives it more strength. Read the instructions on Evo Stick if using that.

Step 4: Done!

Just gently bend the card into a semi-circle shape and your done!



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    How is it that two people working independently can come up with such a similar design?  I was about to do a tutorial, but you beat me to it!  I used this template and an old gift card to make a stand for my HTC Eris phone.

    Good work anyway!

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     Sleek design, I found the design on a website and they were selling this exact shape for £6.99 which is a total rip seeing as it is just made from fancy plastic so I thought I'de make my own and share it.

    Hey, do u think they'll make a mobile version of the site? that would be cool and practical! BTW awsome instructable 5 stars

    I liked the idea! I made one in PVC for my blackberry storm and the dimensions fitted perfectly.
    I made a template more printer friendly and added an optional hole for the charger, I hopes it becomes useful.

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    nice idea - I've included it in the templates step. Try making it from an old 2l drinks bottle, the curve is perfect.