This quick tutorial will show you how to make a quick and cheap iphone tripod for around £2-£3!!

this is my first instructable so be nice :)

sorry for poor quality photograph couldn't take a picture of it while my iphone was in it.

Step 1: Materials and Tools!

materials needed ;

1. Glue- i used 2 part epoxy resin - hot glue or superglue might work
2. cheap tripod - poundshop
3. iphone case - poundshop -i have a 4s but you will have to buy a case to fit your iphone!
4. hard material - i used bone as i had some from another project but wood or hard plastic or metal would do the job.

tools needed. 

1. side cutters or saw 
Very nice! I think I have one of those little tripods laying around too!

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