Picture of Easy keyboard fridge magnets

This is a fun little side project I had running. I saw that it was possible to purchase keybard magnets for the fridge on Ebay, but seeing as I had both an old keyboard and some magnet strips laying around I thought it was possible to make these myself. And it turned out pretty well if I must say so myself.

You can purchase some keyboard magnets here:

Keyboard fridge magnets on

If you do already have an old keyboard laying around, then £8 is a little expensive. I am sure you are able to find a magnet strip for around £1-2, and even the keyboard should not be too pricey when bought at a second hand store.

Have fun with this project and feel free to visit my site for more random guides:

There is a different way to do this, if you want to use hot glue instead. Have a look at this video tutorial on how to accomplish that.

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Step 1: Gathering materials

Picture of Gathering materials

The first step is to make sure you have everything. However, you will not be needing much. Here is the list:

  • Old keyboard
  • Glue (I used tact/contact adhesive)
  • A fine filler (I used a filler for painting)
  • Magnet strips (can be bought cheap on Ebay)
  • A small piece of fine sandpaper
  • Tools (Pliers/saw and small screwdriver)

These are basically the things you will need. I had access to all of this but I would expect the total price of these to be around £5-7.

pmagnets11 months ago

Great idea

lathe_makeatio11 months ago

Nice way to recycle one or other keyboard with PS 2 connectors who have many people laying around. (anyone remembers PS2 ;)
I would use flat coin shaped neodymium magnets instead, because the most fridge magnets I know are too weak to hold more than itself and a thin note.

MiCavaleri (author)  lathe_makeatio11 months ago

That is a great idea! It certainly turned out that these magnets aren't as strong as one might hope. However, they are fine for my needs because I only have paper notes on my fridge.

petrolon11 months ago

Isn't this a copy of DIY Hacks and How Tos Instructable: "Keyboard Refrigerator Magnets?"

You posted this 24 days after he posted his. Come on, be original.

MiCavaleri (author)  petrolon11 months ago

I actually only noticed that this tutorial had been done a couple of times after I posted it on instructables and my blog and doing a google search on similar guides.
However, as you see I am using a slightly different method but I can see that the hot glue would have been a little easier. Although I'm not sure if it would be a waste of glue to fill the keys up like that.

I will go ahead and add his link to my instructable just for good measure.

@ngtronix: Thank you for providing the link. There are apparently a bunch of these and nice of you to find the original.

nqtronix petrolon11 months ago

Anyone who wants to try this you should definitely should have a look at DIY Hacks and How Tos Instructable "Keyboard Refrigerator Magnets", he is using hotglue to attach the magnets which seems to be a bit easier to me.


If this is a copy you should respect DIY Hacks and How Tos' licence and give credit to him.


I know that I basicly copied your comment, but I wanted to add the links ;)

This is great! can't wait to try it.

MiCavaleri (author)  The Best Hobbies Blog11 months ago

Sure go for it! Feel free to post any images of the results.

craftclarity11 months ago

Oho! These are way cool.