Lens Cleaning Kit




Introduction: Lens Cleaning Kit

This instructables is going to be about how to make a lens cleaning kit for you camera.Be careful when using this and use this at your own risk.

Step 1: Items

-Rubbing alcohol       
-Eye dropper    
-Cotton swabs
-Micro fiber cloth or paper towel
-Paint brush head
-Rubber bands
-Zip lock bag

Step 2: Lens Cleaning Solution

First measure out 50ml of rubbing alcohol.Then measure 50ml of water.Now mix them together and pour into a small eye dropper.I labeled mine LC for lens cleaner.

Step 3: Cotton Swabs and Cleaning Cloth

Now get 5 to 6 cotton swabs and rubber band them together.These are good to get into hard to reach places of the lens that you cant get to.The cloth is for basically cleaning the lens.

Step 4: Brush

The paint brush head is used for cleaning dust and dirt off of the lens

Step 5: The Bag

Find a nice bag to hold your items and label it what ever you want.

Step 6: How to Use

First dust off your lens with the brush.Then put 2 drops of the lens cleaning solution on the cloth and lean the camera lens.Now reach the hard to reach places with a cotton swab.After all that dry you lens of any streaks.I hope soon to post a video on how to use it .Be careful and enjoy



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