This game was given to me by my father 40 years ago. It took a little while to figure out then, I was young. Recently after being found after many years of hiding I discovered it was still a fun challenge. The object of the game is to get the nut on the b side of the toy to the a side of the toy. The nut does not fit through the center hole. I've challenged many adult friends to take the test and they failed. I wish, I could hide the answer until you were finished making it.

Step 1: Layout

Draw out the pattern on whatever you decide to use as a base. I chose a thin wood crate top just because it would be easy to cut with a carpenters knife and drill with a cordless drill. You could easily use cardboard, aluminum or plastic.
Nice. The solution was slightly confusing, can you post a video of solution? Thx.
Cool. I tried this out with cardboard and solved without instructions. Now I have to make a sturdier and nicer one to keep somewhere around.
Alright man, glad it worked out. I don't know who invented this thing but, mine is 40 years old. Just a neat toy...thanks<br> <br> <a href="http://usenetarticles.pocketbinaries.com/DIY-wall-mount.htm" rel="nofollow">article directory-DIY</a>

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