Picture of Easy-made, quick tube-top dress

So, this instuctable is basically my take on this instructable (credit go where credits due), more exactly it's done by my leftovers from making that instructable and from making this insttuctable of mine. You should check them both out.

This is a cheap and fairly easy way to make a dress and is perfect if you have some scrap fabric from other projects.

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Step 1: Materials time!

Picture of Materials time!

This is what you will need:

-The bottom half of a tanktop

-Some fabric in the lenght of your choosing, you should be able to wrap it about one and a half time around yourself

-A scissor

-Pin needles


-A sewing machine

Step 2: Let's get started, shall we?

Picture of Let's get started, shall we?
2014-05-17 19.21.54.jpg
2014-05-17 19.28.39.jpg
2014-05-17 19.36.31.jpg
2014-05-17 19.38.23.jpg

So, we're gonna start with the tanktop. You will only need the bottom half so in case yu havem't cut it already you should do so. You will want to use about half of it.

Now,, but the rest of it on you and pull in it to make it tight, you will want it to have a tight fit so it want fall of. Make a mark of where you think it will fit nicely, then cut it a bit before that. Keep the mark on!

Next, zigzag everything! Well, everything that has been cut that is. This is so that when you wash it it will not tear up.

After that put it side to side inside out and sew it togheter at your mark and in that way creating a tube.

I also folded it and sewed the end peices stuck, that is not nessecery but might make it easier. I did it mostly because I had so much extra fabric.

Cute! I love the zebra print!