Easy Marshmallow Shooter





Introduction: Easy Marshmallow Shooter

This is so easy, it's not even funny!

Step 1: The Tube

roll a piece of paper to a marshmallow sized tube. USE PRINTER PAPER!

Step 2: Taping the Tube

Tape both ends & the middle.

Step 3: Firing

Put a marshmallow in the tube & blow

Step 4: A Tip to Firing

If you put the mallow in your mouth & fire it, it will stick. That's good!

Step 5: Last Step




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    Thanks! If you want something more challenging, check out Easy Marshmallow Shooter 2.

    Nice effort, but this is way to easy to make to need instructions. Try adding a little more oomph to your idea.

    Well, I have! Check out Easy Marshmallow Shooter 2

    Ok? What kind of comment was that?

    if i put the mallow in my mouth, i would only end up eating it. :(

    I know! They're so addicting! Oh yeah, check out the Easy Marshmallow Shooter 2. It'll encourage you not to put it in your mouth. & it can help you win a marshmallow war! :)

    Awesome! Glad you all like it! Out of all 3 Instructables I published, this one is the most viewed. It is also my 1st Instructable I created on day 1 of my membership. My other 2 are the  Gum wrapper chain & the Bean gun sling shot. Hope you enjoy!