This instructable shows you, how to make an easy microphone or pickup using headphones. In theory you can make this from any speaker, but speakers from headpones are better because they have nice sensitive membrane.

Step 1: You'll Need...

Headphones - I used this old Genius headphones (I don't know the type, because there is no label on it)
Holick wires (I don't know how to name it)
Soldering iron
Some wire (shielded better, but I don't have one)
1/4 female jack (6,3 mm)

Nice! <br>what if I want to use a pre-amp? should I use a guitar preamp or electret mic pre amp or what?
I haven't tried anything like that, I have it plugged in VOX NT15H, but this is more like mic then pickup, so try the mic pre amp.

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