Introduction: Easy Mix Vege

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Easy and healthy menu for vege lovers... try it...

Step 1: Ingredients

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1. Garlic.(chopped)... can add abit more for the flavor... I use 4 ....

2.vegetables (I use green peas, carrot, broccoli and cauliflower) but you can use other vegetables as well , don't use the wet vegetables like tomato.

You can try adding,

baby corn, mushroom, short beans.... it will be more colorful..

3. seasoning powder (chicken flavor) or chicken stock..

4. corn flour (mix wit plain water and keep a side)

5. cooking oil

6. salt (optional because seasoning powder contain salt)

Step 2: Start Adding Vegetables

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1. heat up abit of oil... and add garlics..

2. once garlic turn light brown, add slow cooking vegetable first ( I add cauliflower) , and mix it...

3. cover for few seconds and add another vegetable ( I add broccoli ) and mix.. and cover...

4. add balance vegetables and mix together

5. add abit of water (not much!!) mix and add seasoning powder and salt (optional)...

Step 3: Mix and Serve

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once the vegetables cook... (I prefer half cook) add corn flour mixture (don't add much it can make the vegetable just to make the sauce abit thick..)and mix together... and immediately off the fire...

Ready to serve ;)


amberrayh (author)2015-08-03

This looks delicious! You should enter it in the Camping Food Contest.

tq amberrayh ...

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