Easy great looking and fun paper boat.You only need one A4 paper(print).
Make your own wright now.

Step 1: Folding

Start with a single piece of paper and fold it in half.

Step 2: Folding

When you fold it in half now you need to fold triangles like when you making planes.After that you need to fold it like in picture 3 and 4.When you make that just push edges in(see picture).

Step 3: Making Boat

Open it in the middle and fold it like in picture.Fold it like in picture 3.

Step 4: Last Step

You need to do last step.Open it and fold it like in step 3 and after that grab it for edges and pull it.Viola your paper boat is finished.

Step 5: Pictures of Finished Product

Your finished your first paper boat.You can put it in water,it will last long before it sink.
thank you for reading and put a lot of comments and rate good.
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I was going to make this instructable, but you beat me to it. These boats are lots of fun, thanks for sharing! If you make a boat from a sheet of paper that has an aspect ratio of 3:2, you can write on it (more easily than otherwise--all the edges line up nicely). This is my current icon.
Thank for the comment. p.s. great picture.
this can probly be a hat if opened further and I got lost on step three pic 3
I put a video if it helps
Nice 4.5

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