Introduction: Easy Crepe Paper Flowers

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What do you need?

1- crepe paper streamers (red or pink)
2- stems( I used branches from the garden)
3- glue and green tape
4- green foamy paper or just paper

Step 1: Roll the Crepe Paper Serpentine

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With your fingers roll one size of your serpentine, don't pull to hard. One paper roll will make 7 little flowers

Step 2: Make Your Flowers

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Roll the serpentine once like a escarole letuce , the next turn has to be thigh repite the process until you have a 2 diameter flower.
please check the pictures.

Step 3: If Your Flower Looks Like an Ice Cream Cone.

Picture of If Your Flower Looks Like an Ice Cream Cone.

Don't worry just place it between your tumb and index finger, then pull gently from the center.

Step 4: Finish the Flower

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Place the flower between your tumb and index finger , put glue in the center, place the stem, press and use the green tape to finish.

Step 5: Leaves

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cut rectangles of green paper or foamy 1" X 2", fold in a half, cut the leave, then cut in the center( not to much) and insert in the flower.

Step 6: Enjoy

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I hope you like them.
I will answer any questions just leave me a coment.


YolandaS2 (author)2016-02-03

Great activity, for School agers;~)

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