Not enough money to buy a sheath for your knife or just don't know where you can get on, just grab a sheet of paper, a pair of scissors, and very little of experience with origami.
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Step 3: Now fold

Picture of Now fold
Then fold it in half.

Step 4: Fold again

Picture of Fold again
Then fold as shown.

Step 6: Open and....... VUALA!

Picture of Open and....... VUALA!
Open the same pocket and your done.

Take plasic and insert into pocket.
GuccizBud.4 months ago

Er, ah… isn't something missing? At the end of step 5 you say it gets harder now and to look at the picture. Then the very next thing I see is Step 6: Open and ....... VUALA!, followed by a rather plain rectangle that doesn't instruct in any way ( but does entertain,  what with the dancing banana ), and under it the instruction Open the same pocket and your done. In other words, it falls apart right after step 5. What gives? What am I not seeing/getting?