very easy paper wallet holds credit cards, gift cards, and money pretty simple done in like 30 secondes

Step 1: Materials

materials you need are

. regular size paper
.scotch tape
this thing rocks!
mine turned out gr8!although i used some stiff construction paper to make it and it wouldnt stay clased so i closed it and set a bunch of books on it then the next day i got it and it was going great! <br>
this was the first instructable i ever tried about three months before i was a member
I did this and i covered it in duct tape! it looca so cool! :D
cool glad you liked it
thanks guys!
&nbsp;Really great man. Even if you use Cardstock it'll be more sturdy!<br /> <br /> I even made my own cut design! Really neat! Nice job!<br />
thanks i like this tutorial<br />

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