Picture of 30 seconded paper wallet

very easy paper wallet holds credit cards, gift cards, and money pretty simple done in like 30 secondes

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
materials you need are

. regular size paper
.scotch tape

Step 2: Folding the paper

Picture of folding the paper
folding the paper (look at pictures)

start will regular paper
fold in half
fold sides down the meet the edge
should look like 4 image when down
turn it the right way so it looks like image 5
fold in half
paper folding is down

Step 3: Taping the ends

Picture of taping the ends
tape the ends of the wallet

Step 4: Cutting

Picture of cutting
cut anyway you like really i cut mine like this

Step 5: DONE!!

Picture of DONE!!
now you done and can put money, gift cards, and credits card in it
irule1233 years ago
this thing rocks!
thession4 years ago
mine turned out gr8!although i used some stiff construction paper to make it and it wouldnt stay clased so i closed it and set a bunch of books on it then the next day i got it and it was going great!
homestuck4 years ago
this was the first instructable i ever tried about three months before i was a member
techturtle25 years ago
I did this and i covered it in duct tape! it looca so cool! :D
fishermanfo (author)  techturtle25 years ago
cool glad you liked it
fishermanfo (author) 5 years ago
thanks guys!
BatmanFreak5 years ago
 Really great man. Even if you use Cardstock it'll be more sturdy!

I even made my own cut design! Really neat! Nice job!
cpennokee5 years ago
thanks i like this tutorial