Step 7: You're done !

Picture of You're done !
Congratulations, you've replaced your flash drive's case with a nifty paracord case ! It's cheap, it's pretty original and you can do a lot of variations thanks to the knots and patterns of paracord available. The desert camo paracord flash drive you can see below is one of my favourites, and I wish I has more of this cord. If only it hadn't looked so good as bracelets... ;)

That's about it for today - I hope this little Instructable will have given you a taste for continuing to explore all the things you can do with paracord. Good luck to everyone entering the contest and happy braiding !
rana194 years ago
hi I would like to thank you about the nice and simple idea I like it
and i will tray it soon thanx
DonB!4 years ago
Thanks for sharing such a simple, but good idea.
Deslivres (author)  DonB!4 years ago
Hi Don,

Thanks for your comment ! I'm glad if it helped.