Easy paracord bin lid lifter, for use from a height!

Picture of Easy paracord bin lid lifter, for use from a height!

Hi to all the readers here!

I am living in a high set house and have a hard time walking down the stairs with a large bag of rubbish so I came up with this solution; the system is tried and tested so if you can follow the instructions you can make it!!

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Step 1: The problem

Picture of The problem

OK, you have decided that you need a easier way of emptying your kitchen bin or you are curios about what I have on offer, whatever the "thing" you will need a (in Aussie terms) veranda outside the kitchen.

Now you need all the required items, #1 A bin, #2 some paracord, #3 a peg (or a clothespin for you Americans), #4 at least 1 whole read through to make sure you have the will to do it!

You will need enough paracord to go the full height of your veranda/balcony and about a metre (or yaard) extra.

Once you have gathered all that you can move on to step 2

Step 2: ###2

Picture of ###2

Allright, first you will need to thread the paracord through both of the handles of the bin and have about a foot (30cm) of cord at the working end.

Make a small loop at the very end of the cord and make a loop at about a foot up the standing end of the paracord.

After you have done all that you need to go to step 3!

Step 3: You found this step (#3)

Picture of You found this step (#3)

OK, now is the time for the peg to be used!

what you need to do is open the peg and put the peg through the loop in the standing end adn push it in as far as it will go.

After that you need to take the loop on the working end and push it into the peg as far as it will go, thus creating a triangle like the photo.

Test if it will be strong enough by lifting the standing end and making the lid open, if it does not work and the peg slips off then jam a little stick or put a small rubberband around it to stop the paracord from slipping out.

Great idea, and congrats on being featured! :D

JM1999 (author)  Chikpeas Brother1 year ago

Your comment here is my 110th comment!!!!!!


JM1999 (author)  Chikpeas Brother10 months ago

And now this is my 500th comment!

Cool. =D

Man, I really should get active on this site again. I've been away for far too long.

JM1999 (author)  Chikpeas Brother9 months ago

And now I have over 1,100 comments!

JM1999 (author)  Chikpeas Brother10 months ago

You probably should, the community misses you!

DconBlueZ1 year ago

I like it! But then again, it looks familiar. :-)

If you set the length of the cord correctly, you can let the bin lid go over the center of gravity and just hang open at an angle while you go back in for the rest of the bags from your party. Then when all done give it a yank and it'll come back over and close.


JM1999 (author)  DconBlueZ1 year ago

Well, I can say one thing, I thought of this without any help and didn't realise someone already did this!

finton JM19991 year ago

We do this with our recycling wheelie bin JM1999, but as DconBlueZ says: faced with similar problems, many people will come up with similar solutions.

I never meant to imply you were copying me - faced with similar problems, many people will come up with similar solutions.

Well done!

JM1999 (author)  DconBlueZ1 year ago

I accept your comments, You are right, many people will find similar solutions to the same problems.

Well done to you for the first to post this idea though.

Dr.Webb1 year ago
also great for when the Zombies run th earth
Laziness the master of invention
JM1999 (author)  daniel barnes1 year ago

Laziness, when life gets more fun!

Costarus1 year ago
Laziness - the engine of progress... +100!
I love the idea, but I would have to add a chute of some sort, because with my luck, I'd drop the garbage and I would miss, and then have go downstairs and clean up the mess! Haha.
JM1999 (author)  darkbandit881 year ago

well, at least you wouldn't have to walk down the stairs with a heavy load!

JM1999 (author)  JM19991 year ago

unless your cleaning stuff is heavy...