Picture of Easy peasy cute pillbox hat - Recycled, too!

Make an easy & cute pillbox hat in less than an hour!
+ recycled cardboard
+ remnants of your favorite gift wrap
+ and some hoarded ribbon.

I made this for a 'Hat-party' which was on a really hot summer day (so wearing an actual hat was not an option).
It turned out great & got loads and loads of compliments.

At the last step I will also show you a way how to wear it & keep it on your head =)

I know there are similar instructables out there but just wanted to share my version of it.

So, let's get started!

Keep glue & scissors at hand.

Step 1: Top of the hat

Picture of Top of the hat
First, take your empty TP roll and cut it to size.
I ended up cutting it about in half.
This will be the top part.

Before everything else, we cover the top opening with a piece of gift wrap.
Trace a circle slightly larger than the tube, and glue the sides down.
To make it easier, just clip down to the edge every few cm's, and glue those small flaps down 1-by-1.

Then, we cover the sides.
This is a rectangle piece, slightly wider than the tube length. See pics.
Line it up with the top of your hat and glue. For the bottom part, just do the same as before: clip every few cm's and glue the small flaps into the tube,1-by-1.

The 6th pic shows the result.

Oh my gosh, this is perfect! I even have cool chocolate-polka-dot gift wrap available! Thanks!
This is just too cute. :D
morCadillac (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
Thank you, Jessyratfink! ^^
WhyHello3 years ago
* was expecting the hat to be a clever pillbox* oh
morCadillac (author)  WhyHello3 years ago
Haha no it isn't =)
Actually, that'd be interesting to see how you make it - if you have a version like that, feel free to share!
how sweet i love the polka dots they are so whymsical great project , thanks for sharing , it is awesome
morCadillac (author)  mypinkrainbow3 years ago
Heyy, thanks for commenting!
Indeed this is one of my favorite gift-wraps =)
Glad you like it. Do vote for the 'Pocket-sized Contest' please ^^
Thank you!
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Super cute! I think I've heard these called fascinators.
morCadillac (author)  scoochmaroo3 years ago
Heyy, thanks!
Fascinators seem to have an additional, tulle-like piece, but yes, they definitely look similar.
Your "Mustache Cookie Pops" look cute & yummy too =)