Introduction: Easy Peasy Japaneasy Trip Wire Trap.

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hello everyone as i said on my orange board yesterday this one is going to be quick build its a trip wire trap it literally consists of about 2-3 inches^2 of mettle and two rivets tools required are pretty obvious but my job is to explain it to you so they include.

  1. tin snips.
  2. pop riveter.
  3. needle nose pliers.
  4. the other kind of pliers.
  5. drill and 9/64 inch drill bit

so lets get to this.

also if you enjoy this try this

Step 1: Mark the Holes

Picture of Mark the Holes

pretty explanatory just follow the picks

Step 2: Drilling Holes

Picture of Drilling Holes

cut it out and drill the holes mark it as your paty and repeat step whatever this is

Step 3: Cut This Piece Out

Picture of Cut This Piece Out

just follow the pick

Step 4: Rivet It Together

Picture of Rivet It Together

follow the pictures

Step 5: Make the Pin

Picture of Make the Pin

follow the picks

Step 6: Optional Step: MASS PRODUCTION

Picture of Optional Step: MASS PRODUCTION

repeat steps 1 through 6 until you have enough of it all

Step 7: Disregard This


DIY-Guy (author)2015-05-27

What does it activate? And how?

Han_Solo_Order66 (author)DIY-Guy2015-05-27

it releases the rectangular piece when the pin is pulled so it can release a pitfall or a net trap

DIY-Guy (author)Han_Solo_Order662015-05-27

Thank you. Got it. This could also work for a doorway burgular alarm siren switch. Pull the tag and the contacts for the buzzer click together.

Han_Solo_Order66 (author)DIY-Guy2015-05-28

yeah no problem

Han_Solo_Order66 (author)2015-05-27

as always don't be afraid to ask questions.

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