Let me show you how easy it is to make your own picture frames using tongue and groove. These easy picture frames can be finished in a variety of ways to look stunning and professional, and you can hang them indoors or outdoors. The reason I am using tongue and groove to make the picture frames is because tongue and groove already has a groove, which makes it oh so easy to mount glass and mirror of a 5mm thickness.

You will find instructions on how to make the frosted glass panel here [http://www.home-dzine.co.za/crafts/craft-frosted-framed.htm], and the frame is built around the completed glass panel.

Step 1:

1. Cut tongue and groove planks to two lengths: 2 of 915mm and 2 of 715mm.

The nice thing about using tongue and groove for the picture frame is that it already has a pre-cut channel down one edge, which makes it easy to mount our piece of glass.
Thanks mate I wouldn't have thort of doing that. As I am making them for Pyrography pics on ply wood.So agen thanks .lofty. <br>
But where do you get the tongue and groove from?
Most timber yards and home depot stores. This timber is used for flooring usually and is very cheap and can be bought in a variety of woods.
You can buy tongue and groove panels from almost any DIY or hardware store.
Clever! I actually have quite a bit of T&amp;G scraps from a big project. This might be the best use for them.
I am always gathering unique ways of making picture frames. I just found this site and like this article very much. Thank you for sharing! <br>http://uniquepictureframesblog.org/

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